Sendika.Org turns 20

We’re continuing on our path with the strength of our 20-year history, the collective spirit that makes this site possible, our volunteers and our readers

Sendika.Org turns 20

Sendika.Org is now two decades old, having launched way back on April 10, 2001.

When we first embarked upon this road, we aimed to become a discussion platform for those who look at the world from the vantage point of labor.

But despite the reality that the class struggle pervades all of life, as well as the continuing difficulties of socialism and the working-class movement, the rich content and experience of class-tinged societal struggles in Turkey and around the world simply could not be shoehorned into a narrow “syndicalist” framework.

At the very outset, the death of the traditional media and the growing pressure against press freedom obliged us to adopt a journalistic component that went far beyond what we had originally planned.

Twenty years on, Sendika.Orgstill strives to be the voice of labor, the societal opposition, and those that go unheard in the traditional media.

But Sendika.Org has not just sought to be an alternative media platform with its content, but also with its tools and the relationships it has cultivated with workers and readers.

Over the years, Sendika.Org has formed sister sites and online TV stations to follow everything from the leftist wave in Latin America to the Arab Spring, Gezi, as well as referendums and elections. As it has with,,, Çapul TV, Hayır TV, and Tamam TV, Sendika.Org has understood the importance of reconstituting itself with unique broadcasting and new tools that are suited to each particular period.

To overcome the barriers erected in front of freedom of the press, Sendika.Org has continuously developed new tools and methods in an effort to adopt an effective role in the struggle against censorship.

In our 20 years of uninterrupted publishing, we’re proud of how we’ve taken the pulse of waves of events, including labor struggles, May Days, the Gezi Resistance/June Resistance, the ditch resistance, Kobanê, the Syrian war, the university movement, the women’s movement, urban and environmental movements and the action of the streets. Equally, we’re proud of how we’ve always found a way to overcome the censorship of every period and come out on top – both technically and legally – in the face of a record number of attempts to silence us.

We’re well aware that the true source of our production and our strength comes from our volunteers, our readers, and societal struggles.

Armed with the strength of our 20-year history, the collective spirit that makes this site possible, our volunteers, and our readers, we vow to do everything in our power to do the best possible.

We call on all our readers to lend us their support on our Patreon account, our only source of income, to ensure we can continue publishing and improve our content.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can make a contribution to Sendika.Org, check out the video guide on the Patreon page. Just click on this link or the box below!


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