Turkish Government tries to silence the cries after two blasts that kill 97

Turkish government has decreed a ban on all publications on the massacre that killed 97 and wounded more than 400.

Two bombs targeted an anti-Erdogan rally before it started during the gathering of the crowds in the capital of Turkey.

Erdogan is struggling to stay in power with a life-or-death struggle. The ruling Justice and Development Party (JDP-AKP) is implicated in many murder, corruption, war crimes and human rights violations. The ruling party elites know that the minute they lose power they may be dragged to courts to account for their enormous corruption and open theft.

Several surprises brought panic to the JDP government as they lost votes and the progressive, leftist, pro-Kurdish party Peoples Democracy Party (PDP-HDP) was able to get enough votes above the 10% threshold and secure 80 representatives in the Grand National Assembly. In the panic that ensued, the current JDP government declared early elections when all coalition attempts failed.

Since the decision to go to early elections the government escalated its war on its own people. All Kurdish towns came under attack as the police and military pounded residential Kurdish towns and villages with heavy artillery fire while surrounding the towns under curfew with tanks and shooting anybody on sight.

The latest attack comes on the heels of earlier government sponsored terrorism. Turkish state has been allowing the ISIL terrorists from Syria pass through the borders at will and take refuge in Turkey against the Kurdish guerillas and the Syrian government forces. These jihadist terrorist gangs pay their dues to the Turkish government by engaging in terrorist acts to help the government. These gangs take part in the attacks against the Kurdish villages and towns side by side with the Turkish police and fire upon the citizens and civilians, mostly the Kurds. Kurdish forces, prior to Russian involvement were the only effective force that pushed back the Russian involvement were the only effective force that pushed back the jihadist ISIL.

October 10 was the day the entire opposition to the JDP government was to hold a rally. The main theme was to be the theft, corruption and the war against the Kurds of the Erdogan’s regime.

As in a recent previous rally organized by the socialists in the town of Suruc that was to take toys to Kurdish children devastated by the ISIL attacks, the rally was attacked yesterday. In Suruc, an ISIL suicide bomber allowed to operate freely in Turkey with the permissions provided by the Turkish government killed scores of young socialists.

October 10 march and rally was a united call to bring down the JDP government of Erdogan by the Kurds, revolutionary left, liberal left, nationalists and secularists against the oppressive “moderate” Muslim rule and the capitalist exploitation. However two bombs exploded in the crowd gathering for the rally near the left revolutionaries, killing 97 and wounding 400.

Following the bombing, the Turkish government immediately brought a blackout to any news about the blast preventing independent media to show the devastation. Meanwhile pro-government media are allowed to print any lies the government want propagated.

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