Taksim Resistance: Actions will be continued and grown

The Ongoing Post-pans actions at the street are going to be contunied and will be increased forums at the parks and squares. On Saturdays Vigil of Gezi Park will be contunied

Taksim Solidarity took decision of expanding continuation of Gezi Park resisting upon on not to accept  it’s four requests by the AKP government and Government’s inhuman attack on the Gezi Park.

Today, June 18, Tuesday; according to decisions Post-Pan actions will contunie at streets at 09.00 pm. Forums which launched at parks will be expanded.

Inhabitants will meet at the parks as following

Except Abbasağa ve Yoğurtçu , Elmadağ – inhabitats of Harbiye – at MaçkaPark

Inhabitants of Cihangir  – at the CihangirPark,

Inhabitants of Ümraniye – at the ÇarşıPark

inhabitants of Bağdat street  – at the GöztepePark

inhabitants of Bahçelievler –   at the EgemenlikPark

Inhabitants of Kuruçeşme-Arnavutköy-Bebek – at the BebekPark

New Decisions

•             Resistance fighters lying in hospitals to be visited.

•             Deamends to be expressed continuously and repeatedly

•             Vocalized actions will be continued at 09.00 pm, and will be formed with forums making at escaping from disaster area in the streets.

•             A Largest and most comprehensive forum  will be organized

•             Sentries at The Taksim Gezi square will be continued on Sundays and  will be called for contributions

•             Be backed and expanded such as the Standing Man.

Taksim Resistance and demands,

Solidarity in Taksim was established by 118 organized institutions and initiatives of social opposition in which placed The Gezi Resistance.

Main demands of the Taksim Resistance transmitted to the Government;

Being disclosure that The Gezi Park will unconditionally remain as a park

Stopping Police brutal violation and investigate and prosecute those responsible for deaths and injuries

Releasing of detainees

Democratic mass actions in the city squares and streets especially Taksim and Kızılay to end the prohibitions covering.

Translation: Persephone Persephone

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