Eğitim-Sen Adana Chapter Started Campaign for Free Education

Sept.23, 2006

In an announcement made today, the Adana Branch of Eğitim-Sen (Teachers’ Union) said it wasn’t sufficient to talk about the problems in education only on opening and closing days.. He pointed out the importance of keeping their struggle for their rights and against their abuse should be on the agenda in various ways throughout the year. This way, it would be possible to create a favorable public position and awareness on the issues. He also thanked People’s Houses, the Association of Pir Sultan Abdal and various political parties for their support in their campaign to collect signatures for free education.

Activities planned during the campaign are:
– signature collection for support of free education at İnönü Park – September 25-30
– Gathering at İnönü Parkı for a protest march to AKP (ruling party) Headquarters- September 30
-International Teachers’ Day- Signatures collected for free education to be posted to the Parliament – October 5- Gathering at Eğitim Sen Adana Branch followed by a march to the Main Post Office


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