Turkish Capital Loves Kurdistan!

January 28, 2006

After OYAK (one of the largest investment conglomerates owned and operated by the Turkish Army. Its investments and operations range from retail to auto manufacturing to petroleum products. Translator’s note.) started trading relations with Southern Kurdistan, the interest shown by Turkish capital to Southern Kurdistan increased.

The governor of the city of Duhak in Southern Kurdistan announced that the largest pharmaceutical factory of the Middle East would be built in Duhak with the collaboration of Turkish companies.

The announcement said the dealings had been going on for some time between the parties, and negotiations had ended in agreement.

In addition to the factory in the Şindoka region of Dahuk, smaller workshops and housing complexes would also be built there.

It is reported that the Turkish companies have negotiated with the Governor of Dohuk, Tamer Ramazan, and the project would soon be on its way.


According to the Southern Kurdistan government officials, the companies wanting to do business from Turkey have reached 600. From those who have obtained a permit, 200 are involved from food to building, infrastructure to furniture and household appliances to electronics.

150 companies are situated in Hewler or Süleymaniye; the others are around Dohuk, Zaho, Akre or Behdinan. The volume of business of Turkish companies is around 2 Billion US dollars. The interest expressed by the Turkish firms has also increased the number of Turkish/Kurdish joint capital companies in the region. These corporations open their central headquarters in Mersin, Ankara or Gaziantep in Turkey. The activities in Southern Kurdistan are being managed from these headquarters in Turkey.

OYAK (The Turkish Military Enterprise) is providing cement, building materials and paper to Southern Kurdistan. A Kurdish flag waves on the staff in the area OYAK uses for storage. On the walls, hang the map of the Greater Kurdistan and a picture of the President of the Kurdish Regional Government, Mesut Barzani.

This interest in Southern Kurdistan by the Turkish corporations reflects on the consumer goods as well. Turkish products constitute 90% of all consumer goods in Southern Kurdistan. Building sector, on the other hand, enjoys a 95% Turkish domination.

Source: Fırat Haber Ajansı, Fırat News Agency


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