“TEKEL Workers are the symbols of Resistance”

TEKEL workers continue their protests in Adana Turkey. The TEKEL factory, a state owned public factory producing tobacco products had been shut down to allow foreign imports into the market leaving more than 700 workers unemployed. The workers are refusing to give in and have been demonstrating every single day since the closure of their factories.

The workers chanted “It is our right to produce!” and refuse to allow policy makers condemn more than 700 workers to hunger.

At 12:00 noon, a march started in front of the TEK GIDA-İŞ union (Tobacco, Drink, Food and allied Workers’ Union of Turkey) where most workers are members. The march ended in front of the closed TEKEL factory. The march passed in front of the ruling JDP (Justice and Development Party) responsible for succumbing to imperialist demands and closing the factory. The workers booed the party members in the offices, but continued to march without any incident. Although it was raining heavily, numerous workers marched naked to protest the closure.

The police was waiting for the workers in front of the TEKEL plant. The police force, called the “agile forces” attacked the workers and a fight ensued. During the fight, one worker who had taken his clothes off fell and fainted. He was taken to the hospital.

Seeing the determination of the workers, the police had to pull back and subsequently, the workers entered the closed factory.

The workers continued their action within the factory, chanting slogans and making speeches.

More than 750 people took place in the march. Members of EĞİTİM SEN (Union of Educators), KESK (Confederation of Public Workers Unions), TÜRK İŞ (Confederation of Labor Unions of Turkey), HALKEVLERİ (Peoples Houses Association), ESP (Socialist Platform of the Oppressed), TKP (Communist Party of Turkey), EMEP (Party of Labor), and BDSP socialist group also participated in the march.

The marchers chanted, “TEKEL workers are the symbol of resistance”, “TEKEL belongs to the people, it can not be shut down”, “JDP, how much did you sell this people for?”, “The time will come, the day will come, JDP will be held accountable to the people”, “Our right to produce can not be prevented!”

Source Sendika.org/ ADANA


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