Strike at KARMEZ Plant in its 25th Day

The strike organized by Tek Gıda-İş (Food Workers Union) at KARMEZ Joint Food Plant has reached its 25th day.

The workers gathered outside the strike tent before the religious holiday. This important week of holiday will be pent at the picket line and in the strike tent serving as a center for the striking workers outside the plant.

The union managers also joined the workers for the holiday celebrations and together they sang and danced for the strike and for the holiday.

Gürsal Köse, the General Secretary of the Food Workers union Tek Gıda-İş, said in his speech that the real celebrations will take place when the collective bargaining results in the signing of a contract. Köse emphasized that the union organizing was an essential element of democracy and of peace. He also said this struggle will end with victory for the workers.

Source: Evrensel


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