Sacked Workers Attempt Collective Suicide

January 18, 2006

4 workers laid off from Diyarbakır Sur Hospital climbed to the roof of the hospital and attempted collective suicide. While the workers threatened to jump off the roof their co-workers gathered outside the hospital building and gave them support.

4 workers claiming they have been sacked unjustly dangled themselves from the roof. Police and firefighters came to the scene and prepared for a rescue. Other hospital workers left their jobs to gather outside and started clapping, a form of support, for their co-workers on the roof.

The workers started chanting, “JDP don’t go wrong, don’t try our patience” referring to the ruling Justice and Development Party. Other slogans were, “Manager resign” and “Bread is honor, honor is virtue.” The head of TES-İŞ (Union of Energy, Water and Gas Workers) branch also stopped by to support the fired workers.

The workers stated that they chose suicide as the last resort and said, “We are giving a struggle for our bread. By attempting this, we were able to communicate our problems. But they brought us to the verge of suicide. There is nothing left to lose. We want the JDP local branch officials and hospital management to sit down and talk to us.” None of the police efforts to persuade the workers to come down was successful.

The workers were let go after the hospital was transferred to a public hospital. The workers only came down after the management decided to have a meeting with them.



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