Protest against British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw

January 26, 2006

“No to Occupation in Iraq” coordination protested British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw’s visit to Turkey.

People opposing the occupation in Iraq stated they did not want to be a part of an attack against Iran which they said was the agenda of Straw’s visit. The coordination gave a press release in front of the British Consulate in Istanbul. The signs from the press release gathering read, “Afghanistan, Iraq. Now it’s Iran. We won’t let imperialist violence pass!”

Yasemin Karadağ, who read the release on behalf of the coordination called attention to how the USA and the EU imperialism was attempting to tighten the siege surrounding Iran. She said, “To see Iran being referred to the Security Council of the UN indicates that she is being thrown to the wolves pack and a legitimacy for this aggression is being sought. They followed the same route for Afghanistan and Iraq.”

She said Turkey was being drawn into the aggression plan against Iran and she reminded the PM Erdoğan’s words, ‘Iran should acknowledge the international public outcry.’ She said, “With these words, the ruling party, JDP (Justice and Development Party) is ready for the role cast for itself by the imperialism.”

Karadağ stressed that the meetings being held were on dealings about aggression against Iran. She said, “We do not want the imperialist murderers in our country. We know nothing good will come out of these meetings for the benefit of our peoples. We want to voice once again that we are on the side of the people of Iran”

Source: Özgür Radyo (Free Radio)


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