Police raid to Aegean University campus

Statement of Dr. H. Neşe Özgen on the police raid to Aegean University campus
Dr. H. Neşe Özgen, a professor at Aegean University’s Sociology Department who was attacked by the Police last December 27th, gave a statement on the events that took place that day.

“On December 27th, around 300 police, who we think belong to the `Swift Force` units, accompanied by two panzer tanks, entered the Aegean University campus from 11:30 AM to 2:00PM. They were screaming, “Allah, Allah” and they attacked the students inside the buildings with batons, pepper sprayed them and dragged female students on the floor.”

“They pushed the teaching staff around, broke the windows of the buildings, fired pepper gas and chased the students with their panzer tanks inside the campus. They swore and threatened the faculty and when the Dean of Faculty of Literature asked them, ‘I am the Dean here, why are you in this faculty?’ they replied, ‘We don’t care who you are… f***ing man won’t allow us in to get those who hurl rocks at our friends.. Let’s go in!’ ”

“8 years ago, Serkan Eroğlu, a student of Faculty of Communications, was found dead in the bathroom of the same faculty. First his death was reported as a suicide. But later it was revealed that he had chloroform in his blood, and it became certain that he was either killed then hung or was killed by hanging. But his murderer was never caught. Every year, the students of Faculty of Communications and Literature commemorate a day for him. But the police never entered the campus before to prevent this memorial day. On December 27th, they raided the school with a huge force, and attacked the students. The police told the press that they were called in by the school authorities.”

“The tanks entered the campus from the exit gate as if there was an emergency and started ordering the faculty staff, “back up, back up your car you son of a bitch!” They were also yelling and swearing at the faculty members who were trying to protect the students and got stuck in the middle.”

Our Medical Center refused to treat and give medical attention to the students who were injured, thus, violated their oaths. The school security, instead of telling the police that their presence in the campus was illegal, joined forces with the cops and shoved the students as well. The students the police tried to arrest or beat mercilessly are the students who peacefully sit under the trees and eat their lunches every day….”

“We are calling on the public to be sensitive to the events that are taking place…”

Prof. Dr. H. Neşe Özgen,
Aegean University
Sociology Department


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