Iraq – In Baghdad The Workers Demonstrates Demanding the Government To Provide Housing

Hundreds of workers took a stand in front of the ministry of industry then inside the building denouncing the ministry¹s polices towards the workers and demanded the government to provide housing for thousands of workers who suffer from the lack of housing and social services.

The workers who gathered in the demonstration were from different sectors such as cotton, leather, batteries, construction and mechanical industries and chanted ³one voiceone demand² and many more for more than four hours. The guards asked the workers to stay away from the building however the workers refused to do so and requested to meet with the minister. The officials asked the workers to form a delegation to negotiate, the workers however refused and insisted of having the minister to come and meet the workers in person. After lengthy discussions and procrastinations with the officials, the minister agreed to meet with the workers. The workers presented a list of demands starting with the main issue which is housing.

The minister assured the willingness of the ministry to meet the workers¹ demands and promised to solve this issue very soon because ³there is a legal battle over a peace of land was dedicated to the workers since the former regime era² the minister stated.

It was noticeable that many workers of different sects have participated in this demonstration and they all raised one issue that concerns the workers all over the country.

Federation of Worker Councils and Unions in Iraq

January 28, 2006


Amjad Al-Jawhary

Federation of Worker Councils and Unions in Iraq

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