First Call for the 2006 International Labor Film and Video Festival

First Call for the 2006 International Labor Film & Video Festival

We are laborers, labor union activists, unionists, academicians and mass organizations in Turkey. We are organizing The First International Labor Film And Video Festival in Istanbul and Ankara , in Turkey between 29th of April 7 th of May 2006, during the May Day celebration.

We invite you for your endorsement and participation.

This non-competitive festival is devoted to the screening of video and film on the lives and struggle of working class people all around the world, for the exchange and collectivizing of the experiences of the filmmakers, as documentary or fiction works of groups and individuals, committed to labor struggle; to spread the works that show the struggle of workers, unemployed, students, farmers and women as well as screening films that show the popular uprisings across the world. We believe this will help arouse interest in labor films and promote their production in Turkey and around the world.

The festival dates are set to follow the mass May Day activities. For a week, there will be a variety of events related with the labor movement in Turkey. On April 30 2006, the participants of the festival will commemorate the massacre of the 37 May Day participants in 1977, participate the May Day March in Istanbul, and visit a site of labor struggle.

If you have any queries about the festival, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

In solidarity

DISK Basin-Is (Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions (DISK), Press Workers Union of Turkey),

Halkevleri (People’s Houses)

San Francisco LaborFest (ABD)
The Labor Video Project (ABD)
Labor News Production (S. Korea)
LaborNet-US (ABD)
James Petras (ABD)

For Contact:
[email protected]

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