Farmers Unions: Village Poultry Farming Being Destroyed

January 19, 2006-

Spokesman for the Confederation of Poultry Farmers Abdullah Aysu accused the government of not taking precautions to prevent the spread of avian flu and then indiscriminately killing all free range village chickens (diseased or healthy)”. This policy, he said, supports the industrialized factory poultry farming for meat or eggs.

The government has made its position clear by promoting the consumption of factory-raised chickens thus destroying the foodstuffs (chicken, goose, duck, turkey) and livelihood of the villagers. The villagers who are already poor are being pushed into dire poverty.

Aysu also voiced his concerns about the government’s intentions to do away with free range poultry farming in villages. He said, “Those who are responsible for developing free range small scale family poultry farms (which is the source of essential protein need for the villagers) and finding ways to sustain it are actually working to discourage it legally.”

Aysu also mentioned that while many developed and underdeveloped countries were moving away from factory farming which is extremely cruel to animals, the government was rushing towards establishing this system.

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