After the attack on shantytowns, now the police destroy the tents.

May 12, 2006

Squatter tents, setup on land belonging to the state have been attacked by the municipality police and all 150 tents have been destroyed.

Municipal police supported by regular cops attacked the tents in Tahtakale district in Istanbul. Here they were able to destroy 100 tents.

The joint police force then attacked another district where they wanted to pull down 50 more tents. However, here they met people’s resistance. The police were able to overpower the residents and destroy the tents people lived in.

The chief of municipality police said, “we will not tolerate anybody living on state property.”

It was noted, however, that while trying to “protect” state property against homeless people, the same officials are curiously silent when high government officials have their hands in the till.

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